I have phones that checked the voicemail and have a message set up, but the phone won't go to voicemail?  How can we fix this?



  • Hi czimmerman,

    I am not clear on what the issue is, are you saying that the voicemail is set up but calls are not going to that voicemail?
  • Rob_Marschall
    Rob_Marschall Official Rep mod

    Check these things in the WE Connect portal.

    First, check the My Call Forwarding widget to be certain that your extension covers to voicemail after the desired number of rings.

    Second, check your twinning status. If Call Twinning is on, then another phone, e.g. your mobile phone, is ringing simultaneously with your OfficeSuite phone and if that second phone also has voicemail, it may be picking up before your OfficeSuite voicemail.

    If neither of those solve the problem, then look at My Call Handling under the Services / My Services menu in the top navigation of the portal. Make sure that Call Forwarding (Immediate) is set to None and Call Forwarding (No Answer Call Coverage) is set to Voicemail.