NEWS FLASH: OfficeSuite PC & Mac Softphone v4.4 and below to be Discontinued!

Starting May 5th, OfficeSuite PC & Mac Softphones version 4.4 and below will be discontinued. We recommend that all Softphone users still using version 4.4 or below upgrade to version 5.4.0, which includes performance improvements and bug fixes that will enhance the user experience on the Softphone.

What's New?
• Improved connection speeds
• Updated branding
• Windows 10 compatibility improvements
• Bug fixes and stability improvements

No new licences are required, all current OfficeSuite PC and Mac Softphone users can use the same license they are using today after they upgrade.

Starting today, any customers using an OfficeSuite PC or Mac Softphone version 4.4 or below will not be supported. Any customers that call into support will be required to upgrade prior to troubleshooting.

On May 5th, all OfficeSuite PC and Mac Softphones version 4.4 or below will not be able to connect and will require that users upgrade in order to begin using their Softphone again.

Does upgrading cost anything?
- Upgrading from older versions of the Softphone to v5.4.0 is free for all users.

How can I check what version of the Softphone I am running?
- To find what version of the Softphone you are running, follow these instructions:
  1. Log in to the Softphone
  2. Go to Help >> About
  3. Your version number will be displayed beneath the MyOfficeSuite Softphone title.

Is there anything I should do prior to upgrading my Softphone? 
Before you upgrade your Softphone, it is recommended to copy your license key and to export your contacts. 

To export your contacts, select Contacts >> Export Contacts. Save the file as a CSV file and choose your file location. 

To copy your license key, select Help >> Enter License Key. Select Export Key to receive a file that contains your license key.

How can I upgrade my Softphone?

- Customers can manually upgrade by following these steps:
2. Select the download link for either the OfficeSuite PC Softphone or Mac Softphone.
3. Once downloaded, open the file to begin the install wizard.

If you are asked to enter a license key, select Import Keys an choose the exported license key file you had saved prior to installation. 

If your contacts are missing, select Contacts >> Import Contacts. Choose CSV, then choose your exported contacts file. 

If I have additional questions, who should I reach out to?
- If you or your customers have any additional questions, please reach out to your Sales Engineer.