MyOfficeSuite Mobile app (iPhone) hung

The app shows the initial splash screen and then goes no further. The four icons that appear from left to right as it’s loading never come up. The screen just stays hung on the splash screen. The only solution I can find is to quit the app, uninstall then reinstall. It will then work once or twice then no more. Please advise on a fix. 
Thank you.  

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    Hi Frankpat,

    We would need to have a bit more information in order to assist you in resolving the issue. You should contact our support team at 1-888-623-8647. They will be able to troubleshoot for you and figure out what the issue is. You may also want to have the following items on hand as they will make it easier for the team to assist you:

    1. The number of your Iphone Model
    2. The version of IOS 
    3. The version of the MyOfficeSuite app you are using
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    Hi frankpat,

    It sounds like this issue is a bit more complicated that we can help resolve here. As I mentioned you will need to contact our support team 1-888-623-8647 or through Chat on our MyOfficeSuite portal, in order to get help troubleshooting the problem. 


  • iPhone model A1660 - iPhone 7 (2016)
    iOS 12.1.2
    MyOfficeSuite v 1.4.1

    Many of my co-workers are having the difficulty.