OfficeSuite UC® Release 9.0 introduces new phone models!

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Plus Improved Login/Logout and Caller ID on Blind Transfer for Polycom VVX phone users.

Windstream Enterprise is pleased to announce two new series of phones for use with OfficeSuite UC® services! Also, for Polycom VVX phone users, improvements to the Login/Logout function and Caller ID on Blind Transfer.  The new enhancements include:

  • Support for the Mitel 6900 series of phones and accessories.  Three new phone models, Mitel 6920, 6930, and 6940, are supported plus the M695 Color LCD Programmable Key Module, the Mitel 6900 integrated DECT headset compatible with models 6930 and 6940, and the Mitel Bluetooth handset standard on the 6940 but optional for the 6930.
  • Support for Verge-WE phones and accessories.  Windstream Enterprise created two new phones specifically designed to work with OfficeSuite UC®; Verge 9308-WE and Verge 9312-WE plus the Verge 9318Ex-WE expansion module compatible with the 9312-WE phone.  These devices are Windstream Enterprise-branded and the “-WE” suffix in their model name ensures compatibility with OfficeSuite UC®. Despite their similarity in appearance, any Allworx-branded device will not work with OfficeSuite.
  • These two new series of phones are available to new customers and will be made available to existing customers in 2019 via the MyOfficeSuite portal “Phones & Accessories” page.
  • Windstream advises customers to not mix manufacturers’ phones at the same location because of inherent differences in their operation. Customers should standardize on one manufacture for all phones.  The only exceptions being the cordless phones offered by Windstream and the Polycom 6000 IP Soundstation Conference Unit.  These devices can be intermingled with either Mitel, Polycom VVX, or Verge-WE desk phones at the same premises.
  • VVX Login/Logout improvements:  The method to login and logout of your Polycom VVX phone has been improved and is much more intuitive for users.  The Logout softkey which previously had held position five of the pre-defined softkeys is moved to position ten of the programmable softkeys.  If your phone does not have a logout key you may place a call to *00 to logout or change position ten to “Default” and Logout will reappear.
  • VVX Caller ID on blind transfer. When using the blind transfer method with Polycom VVX phones, the originating caller name and number will show on the receiving party’s phone display once the transfer is complete. (In Call History it will show as two calls: party A to B then party B to C.)  
  • Version 9.0 fixes a bug from a prior release and now enforces the correct escape digit for VVX users, i.e. 9+1+<10 digit number> for external calls.  

The above enhancements are part of OfficeSuite UC® v9.0 software. Your service must be upgraded to version 9.0 before you can enjoy these new enhancements. Customers are notified via MyOfficeSuite alerts after their service is upgraded to the newest version.