How can I identify which users have recorded their Auto Attendant (Directory) name announcement?

The Recorded Directory Name List in MyOfficeSuite Extension Manager page lets administrators run a report to see if a user has recorded his or her name for the Auto Attendant dial-by-name menu.  This option is available in Compact View by first clicking on the SHOW ALL EXTENSIONS link, or in Extended View.


In order to run the report, the administrator would click on the Recorded Directory Name List.  They would then receive a confirmation pop up box indicating that the report will be sent to the email address they have stored in MyOfficeSuite Portal.  Below is an example of what they will see in their inbox.


  • Is this option available on the WE connect portal?

  • Hi @Gary Cooper :

    Yes, similar functionality is available in the WE Connect portal. You can see if your users have recorded their Directory Name by selecting Extension Manger from the OfficeSuite Flyout on the left. Once on the Extension Manager page select Export to Excel from the top right of the page.

    Once you have downloaded the report you will see a list of extension and features, the last column on the right will be titled Name Recorded.