want to know about if you can add a program that will allow employees to log details about.....

about there call so for example bill called today and i gave him a price i can log it in that i gave him a certain price and tomorrow i will be out so he calls the next day someone else get his call and they can log into my office and see what i log in about the prices i gave him and they can pick up on the conversation i had with him kinda like what call centers use but in our my office and everyone that has and extension in our office can see what was talked about do  you think that one day soon yall can have this kinda of widget added to my office suite?

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    Hi usbrecycling:

    Thanks for your suggestion. It sounds like you would need a CRM system for logging customer information. Officesuite currently integrates with several. We currently integrate with Salesforce or Hubspot which is free. As always, we appreciate any suggestions for improvements.