is there an easy way to change active greeting from personal to alternate?

I stumble with this every time I take a day off. I change my alternate greeting to say I am away but when I come back, the only way I can figure out how to change it back to my personal greeting is to re-record one and then you get the option to make it active. This makes no sense to have the two options then? You should be able to toggle between the two without re-recording them. Also, is there a way to change your greeting from the website or do you need to dial into the actual phone? 


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    edited June 2018
    Instead of re-recording your personal greeting everytime you come back into the office, please follow the steps below.
    1. Press Voicemail button on the phone and enter your voicemail pin.
    2. Press 9 for User Options.
    3. Press 4 To Manage Your Call Answering Options.
    4. To choose your active greeting press 2.
    5. Press 2 to change the greeting.
    6. To select your personal greeting, press 2. 
    These steps will allow you to change your alternative greeting back to your personal greeting, without re-recording the message each time. All voicemail recordings are done through the physical phone.