transferring calls from a soft phone

i have the portal app on my phone so i can see the employees contacts but it's not intuitive how to transfer a call to them once i answer a call that comes into the office (from the soft phone). the desk phone has the transfer button and park button but i don't see anything like that on the cell phone.

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    Hi Elizabetha,

    At the present time, we have two applications that you can use:

    The MyOfficeSuite Desktop Application which is free, allows you to see your co-workers status, chat, and initiate independent calls.

    The My Softphone application, which is an additional cost, allows you to make and receive calls, as if your were at your desk.

    When you're on a call, using the My Softphone App, there are two ways to transfer.
    1. If you're looking to transfer the call, without speaking to the person that you're transferring the call to; Press the More button in the middle of the screen, while on a call. 
    2. Select Transfer in the popup window, 
    3. Type in the extension or phone number of the person you're sending the call too. 
    4. Hit the green Transfer button at the bottom and the call will be transferred to that specific person. 

    If you want to speak with the person first, before you send the call.
    1. Press the Add Call button, in the middle of the screen. 
    2. Type in the number, or extension of the person that you want to transfer the call too. 
    3. Once the person answers, you may press More in the middle of the screen. 
    4. Press the Transfer that appears in the pop-up and that will allow you to transfer the call.