How do I purchase new SMS Text Licenses?

WindstreamEnterprise Administrator admin
edited May 2018 in General Information
Purchasing an SMS text License is so easy and convenient you can do it yourself!  Go to your MyOfficeSuite Portal and follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to “Other Services, select Business SMS”

2. To purchase additional licenses for a customer, click on the “Buy Licenses” button.

3. Use the up/down arrow to select the number of licenses that are going to be purchased

4. Once you have select the right number to purchase click the “Submit Order” button to confirm changes submit the order for purchase

5. Once submitted, there person submitting the order will receive an email confirmation that the order has been placed and the user will receive get a pop up notification 

- $3.50 MRC per Business SMS license (unlimited messages)
- $2.00 NRC per Business SMS license

Click Here for more instructions on how to perform common tasks for the SMS Text feature!


  • Is this available yet? The announcement makes it seem like this feature is available now for everyone but I don't seem to have it under Other Services or in the OfficeSuite Licenses sections.