How to get PC Console to send calling party Caller ID when transferring the call?

We need to be able to have the incoming calling party's Caller ID to transfer with the call transfer to an incoming extension.

For example, if Jane Doe calls the front desk, the front desk will see Jane Doe 425-555-1212. Front desk takes the call and then transfers to the intended party, Bob. When Bob's phone rings, he SHOULD NOT see the front desk extension as the caller (at least for a blind/unsupervised transfer). Bob should see Jane Doe 425-555-1212.

We are paying $40 a month for the PC Console, which never passes the calling party's Caller ID. The Broadview physical phone does, just fine. I'm 99.9% sure that SIP, the underlying tech the PC Console uses supports this scenario.

I've certainly be told this is the case, before I signed up for the PC Console. However, when we created a support ticket for it, (the second time, as the first case mysteriously vanished after a period of weeks, despite having worked with at least two different techs), we are being told that the PC Console will never pass the calling party Caller ID during a transfer (supervised or blind).

How do I get calls the receptionist forwards to the sales team to show who's calling, not the front desk extension?


  • did anyone ever solve this issue?  my office cannot transfer calls to our queue because the caller id does not show up.