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We are finally in our new home with our new look! For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, thank you for your loyalty and willingness to come along with us on our new journey.

For those of you who are new to our site, Welcome! We look forward to providing you with everything you want to know about our products and features.
Now, come on in and search for anything you would like to know. Want more specific information or to ask a question? Become a member and get all the answers you need!

Here’s how to start

User Profile
Complete your profile info, we’ve asked for a couple of additional bits of information designed to help us when answering your questions by giving us an idea of your point of view. It’s helpful to know a little more about our members and what roles they have in their organization if we want to provide the right information in a way that is accurate, understandable and concise. For instance, if you are an OfficeSuite UC user and are asking a question about how to program your phone on the portal, we would provide a simple step by step answer. If you are an IT professional or an administrator for your organization, and are looking for integration information we may go into more technical detail in our response. This is all to make your experience more satisfying and to provide you with quick simple resolutions to any issues you may have.

We leave notifications completely up to you, you can decide what you would like notifications about. Go to your profile page and click on Notification Preferences, there you will see a list of topics for which we will send out notifications. You can opt for an email, a popup window when you sign in or no notifications on that subject at all.

At the top of the landing page you will see a search box. There you can type in any question, topic or product name, the results will show up in the discussion feed below.

You can search in a few different ways, by title of post, by category, by author or date. It’s all up to you!

Start a discussion/Ask a Question
Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask the Community! Just click on the “Ask A Question” box and enter your question.

Help us keep information easily accessible to all members.
When you enter a post, please be sure to select the correct Category. If your post goes into the wrong category it will make it difficult for other members to find. For instance, if you are having an issue with your desktop phone having a dial-tone or not operating at all, select OfficeSuite phone help. If the issue is with your phone settings on the MyOfficeSuite® portal then you would select the MyOfficeSuite® Portal category. You cannot select more than one category so make the first selection count! This way, when anyone searches by category, information will be in the right place.

Following Posts
Please note that anything you followed on our old site will not be represented in this new site. So, if there are any posts that you would still like to keep track of or follow, feel free to search and follow the post again. For instance, you may want to follow our regularly updated OfficeSuite® UC Release Notes, that way you will be notified whenever there are updates.

Badges and Ranks
Just like any Community, we have all kinds of wonderful members who make positive contributions to our content. Whether they assist other members with helpful tips or suggest improvements and features, our members are the ones that make our Community a helpful and positive environment. We’ve devised a way to reward our members for their participation. Based on how much and the kinds of contributions member’s make, they will rise in our ranks and earn badges. Some badges and some ranks come with additional perks. The more you participate and contribute the more you rise in the ranks and the more badges you earn.

There is more to come as we continue to improve your experience on our community. We are excited to share the new site with you and look forward to your feedback!

And as always, be kind. We all know how heated things can get when trying to find answers to a problem but we’re all in it together and we are here to help each-other. Check out our Community Guidelines here.