How can I automatically dial auto attendant options using the PC Sofpthone?

Anthony Olsen
edited March 2020 in General Information
If you are using an OfficeSuite PC/Mac Softphone and know that your call will be answered by an auto attendant and you know what menu items you will choose, you can include those menu items (DTMF) in the phone number when you dial it.
  • Include at least one comma before the first DTMF number. Each comma causes the OfficeSuite PC/Mac Softphone to pause for one second before sending the next character.
  • You can include other commas.
  • At the end of the input, include a ; (semi-colon).
NOTE: Make sure to enter a ; (semi-colon) when you are done entering pauses and DTMF numbers or the OfficeSuite PC/Mac Softphone will not be able to complete the call.

For example: 

To dial  800-276-2384, add a 3-second delay and then press 44, enter this in the call entry field:


To dial a number, add a 6-second delay, then press 1 then 3 then 2, each with a two second delay: