SMS Text Messaging on OfficeSuite® UC

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SMS Text Messaging for OfficeSuite® UC, allows you to connect with your customers via text message without sharing your personal mobile number. Through the WE Connect and Go Kinetic customer portals, desktop, and mobile apps you can instantly chat with customers and provide exceptional service from anywhere on any device!  

OfficeSuite SMS is included with the Standard and Advanced seat types sold with OfficeSuite UC and can be ordered a la carte for users with Basic seats at the SMS/MMS License page in the customer portal.

Benefits of SMS Text Messaging

  • Connect with customers anywhere
  • Easily provide exceptional customer service
  • Increase mobility and productivity

It’s so easy to use:

In your WE Connect or Go Kinetic desktop or mobile app, or using the Quick Connect tab in the customer portal, click the start message button, enter the phone number and write your text. You will see the SMS symbol by the person's name instead of the chat symbol.

Check out these posts for more tips on how to perform other common tasks!
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- Purchasing SMS Text Licenses
- Allocating SMS Text Licenses to Users
- Unallocating SMS Text Licenses to Users

SMS Features Not Available

  • Broadcast or mass messaging: (e.g. emergency notifications, marketing campaigns, and appointment reminders)
  • Short Codes:  (e.g. verifying identity when accessing bank or investment accounts) Supported December 2022
  • Multimedia Messaging (MMS): (e.g. file attachments, videos and pictures). NEW! April 2021
  • International SMS
  • Toll Free: Cannot send SMS Text FROM Toll Free numbers, however can send TO toll free numbers

Above features and functions are being considered for future release.  Announcements would be made when available. 


  • I have an SMS license, why cant I send an SMS message to a co-worker? No SMS option, just a blue chat bubble? And the user has a Mobile # setup in their MOS user profile?
  • Hey Joe,

    You should be able to send an SMS to OfficeSuite users and non users. Similar to other mobile chat systems OfficeSuite distinguishes users by using a blue bubble for OfficeSuite users and a green bubble for other users. If the chat bubble does not show up you can always add the contact mobile number to your personal contacts so that you can send them an sms message. You should be able to send an sms message to anyone with a valid mobile number.