What is the HD video quality with OfficeSuite HD Meeting?

WindstreamEnterprise Administrator admin
edited January 2019 in General Information

By default, video quality on HD Meeting is 360p unless the user selects ‘capture HD Video' in their Settings under the Video menu. 

The video quality does depend on CPU and bandwidth available for the user.  If the user has enough CPU and bandwidth they will see HD quality 720P video when selected.   If bandwidth is limited, HD Meeting will adjust down ward to available bandwidth:  720 > 360 > 180 > 90 etc.

Peer to Peer connection (2 people in a meeting) is always 720p,but also depends on camera capacity, bandwidth and device performance. 

There is a setting at the account level which the customer Admin can set to‘Enable Peer to Peer Connection when only 2 people in a meeting’ and that will apply across all account licenses.  This setting will improve the meeting experience such as audio and video quality when only 2 people are in a meeting.