how do I configure varying business hours for users?

We run a 24x7 support operation.  I've got the varying business hours setup and the Auto Attendant pointing to the BROADCAST call groups...I have Twinning setup for the users associated for that group; however, I don't understand how one associates shift work with an extension.  Most of my folks are NOT going to log out of their phones (this is a new behavior for them and therefore an unrealistic change in behavior).

I would have thought that there would be a way to associate their particular shift to either a user or an extension.  In fact, the only place I see an association of time to number is when setting up the Business Details.  Am I missing something or did Development totally miss this?


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    Hey, Mestridge: In answer to your question, there are two ways to approach this.

    1.    If shift workers are sharing phones then either the last person using the phone has to log themselves off or the new person has to log them off and log themselves in, or 

    2.    If as you say, your employees would not adjust well to this step, then in order for each worker to have their own hours (assuming that they have their own DID’s or the shift has its own DID’s) you can certainly create a profile in the portal under Phone system, Business details and give them their own hours.

    Hope that helps!