New OfficeSuite UC Features – Expanded Park Locations, Transfer to Voicemail and Park and Retrieve!

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OfficeSuite UC® version 7.2.1 completed production rollout to customers' servers in September 2017.

We are excited to inform you that new enhancements have been made to your OfficeSuite UC® cloud-based phone service. 

New Expanded Park Locations

Customers that utilize Park / Retrieve normally have nine (9) parking spots active at any time. Customers can change from 9 park orbits or parking spots to ninety (90) parking spots at no additional charge. Simply follow the link below to read more about Park/Retrieve and how to change to Expanded Park via the WE Connect portal, OfficeSuite UC® v7.2.1 delivered this new feature to your service at no cost to you.

For more information about how to Park and Retrieve calls with your OfficeSuite UC® phone click here: Park and Retrieve

NEW Transfer to Voice mail, Park and Retrieve star codes

We are excited to inform you that new enhancements have been made to your OfficeSuite UC® cloud-based phone service. In OfficeSuite UC® v7.2 these new features have been added to your service at no cost to you.

NEW Transfer to Voice Mail

Sometimes you want to transfer a caller to a coworker, but sometimes you prefer to transfer directly to a coworker’s voicemail box. Now you can. 

Here’s how:

On OfficeSuite® phones from Mitel, when engaged in a call with another party press TRANSFER then VOICE MAIL.  You can transfer the caller to your own VoiceMail box, or to transfer to a coworker’s voice mail box, enter that co-worker’s extension or use the DIRECTORY.

On any other phone such as cordless phones, Poly Conference Unit (6000) phones, or the Poly VVX phones, you may transfer to a user’s voice mail box using the star code *99. Press Transfer, then enter *99 and the party’s extension and press Send/ Dial.

NEW Park and Retrieve Star Codes

Now users of cordless phones, Poly VVX phones, and the Poly Conference Unit (6000) can park and retrieve calls using star codes.

To Park a call: When engaged with a caller press *95x

To Retrieve a call: Pick up the handset and dial *96x

In each case, x, is the park orbit number, e.g. a digit from 1 to 9 if using standard Park locations with OfficeSuite® or from 10 to 99 if using Expanded Park locations.

When parking a call, press *95 and then the parking spot number at which you wish to park this caller.  If you use parking spot 0 the system will assign the next available parking spot.

More importantly, the person retrieving the call needs to know at which spot the call was parked and 0 won’t work to retrieve, so it’s advised to page the party to inform him of where the call is parked.