The Advanced Cordless handset and Advanced Cordless base available in the OfficeSuite UC® portfolio.

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The cordless phone currently available on the OfficeSuite UC® portfolio, the Advanced Cordless Handset and Base!


The Advanced Cordless base (BVN 9430) can be paired with up to 20 Advanced Cordless handsets (BVN8630) and up to three bases can be deployed at any site.  With a 150 foot range, cordless phones offer flexibility and convenience for users that need to roam from their desks while in the office.  With multi-desking they can be logged in to the same extension as a desk phone for user who need both a cordless phone and a desk phone, or cordless phones can serve as the sole phone for a user.

Administrators can order Advanced Cordless handsets and bases by clicking on the Buy Phones & Accessories link under the Phone System tab of their MyOfficeSuite portal. Once they’ve arrived on site, set them up at the Cordless Configuration Manager in MyOfficeSuite.  Remember, one Advanced Cordless base (BVN9430) is required for up to 20 Advanced Cordless handsets; each ordered separately.

Refer to the full OfficeSuite UC Advanced Cordless Phone Quick Start Guide attached below for more details about the functions of the Advanced Cordless handset.


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    We just got one of these and I'm super impressed! Really nice feel and build quality, excellent sound, and amazing wireless range. Though it can't do everything a regular deskphone can, it integrates well with many of the advanced OfficeSuite features. Great job, Broadview!