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What is new about the New Version of OfficeSuite UC for Skype for Business Now Available?

edited September 2017 in General Info

Now you can continue to simplify calling and enhance productivity even more with the newest version of OfficeSuite UC for Skype for Business.

OfficeSuite UC for Skype for Business continues to offer seamless integration with your Skype for Business service, allowing you to initiate calls from your desk phone right through your Skype for Business account. Now, this most recent update adds a MyOfficeSuite portal integration that gives users:

  • More accurate, real-time presence according to your Skype for Business use
  • Easier and more accurate dialing with click to dial integration
  • Additional dialing options using the integrated OfficeSuite dial pad
  • More userfriendly interface for increased user adoption
  • Reduced number of clicks for launching an OfficeSuite HD Meeting session from Skype for Business
  • A single application to avoid multiple application pop ups
  • No required phone number formats or contact database updates
  • Easier voicemail management through Skype for Business voicemail integration
  • Update OfficeSuite settings directly form Skype for Business

 Clickhere to learn the full details of this OfficeSuite UC for Skype for Business update and how you can get this powerful integration.

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