Introducing Windstream’s SD-WAN with Concierge now available with OfficeSuite!

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What is SD-WAN with Concierge?

  • Windstream’s Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) offers a unique solution with an enhanced managed service called Concierge that includes a dedicated Technical Service Manager which helps monitor, analyze and prioritize your real-time business communication services and optimizes your application performance. By unifying your communications and freeing up the bandwidth on the connections you are already paying for, you experience better voice quality,more reliable connections and better application performance without purchasing more bandwidth, regardless of the size of your business.

Howdoes it work with OfficeSuite?

  • When deployed with Windstream’s SD-WAN with Concierge, OfficeSuite, which is a 100%Cloud-based unified communications platform, can deliver up to 100% network uptime, monitor and maximize bandwidth for better connectivity and eliminate dropped calls. OfficeSuite with SD-WAN with Concierge includes an SD WAN Management Tool that can be accessed via online portal which allows the customer to monitor and manage their SD-WAN service 24/7. 

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 Alreadyan SD-WAN customer, how can I contact a Concierge support hotline?

  •  Youcan contact the Toll Free Concierge Support hotline at 1-877-599-3282.

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