How to set up Audio Only Meetings in OfficeSuite HD Meeting

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edited February 2018 in HD Meeting FAQ's

Log into the OfficeSuite HD Meeting App and choose the ‘Meetings’ icon, then press Edit in the Personal Meeting ID (PMI) section.


Check ‘Enable join before host’

If you want to customize your personal meeting id to your phone number or something easy to remember, click the ‘Change Your Personal Meeting ID’ button, enter the digits you wish and press Apply.


Click Save to save changes.

Next, make sure you have ‘Always use PMI for instant meetings on this computer’ checked in the PMI section of the meetings page.  (See first screen shot above).
Now meetings will start instantly via audio only.  Here is the information the host needs to provide meeting attendees so they can join a meeting:

Call in number:  646-742-5292 or 646-742-5293
Meeting id: <the personal meeting id set on the host account>.  In the example above, it is 1111-687-8984
Participant ID:  press # when prompted for participant id

Both host and participants follow the call-in instructions and they will be joined together instantly via audio.