OfficeSuite HD Meeting End To End Encryption

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End to end security is anadded layer of application security. OfficeSuite HD Meeting can encrypt allpresentation content at the application layer using TLS 1.2 with AdvancedEncryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm.

This isconfigured at the account level (all users must follow) or user level.Once it is enabled, all meetings would be required to be AES encrypted.

End to end encryption isalso designed to facilitate HIPAA based compliance requirements. 

  • It will force encryption across Officesuite HD Meetingrunning on desktop, mobile, as well as for Room Connector except PSTNtelephone.
  • Encryption may impact performance as it requires moreprocessing cycle on the end devices.

Howdo I enable end-to-end encryption:

To enable end-to-endencryption, log in to your account at


  • Log into  AccountSettings 

  • Under Meeting Options click “End-to-end encryption” then SaveOptions.



  • Go to My Meeting Settings.
  • Select "Edit" under "Security" and enable "End-to-end encryption"


End to end encryption icon:
There is a lock icon when a meeting has end-to-end encryption enabled in desktop and mobile clients.