How do I ensure the best performance of OfficeSuite HD Meeting?

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OfficeSuite HD Meeting® offers a great diagnostic tool to evaluate the performance of your Computer and Internet connection. This will help you identify any potential issues that could weaken the performance of your OfficeSuite HD Meeting session. 
First click on your OfficeSuite HD Meetings Setting icon: 


Click the Statistics menu option shown below. 


This section will highlight your meeting diagnostics including:

• Send and receive rate of audio, video and screen sharing
• Bandwidth used
• Latency
• Jitter
• Packet loss
• Resolution
• Frames per second
• Processing performance of your computer’s CPU and RAM

These diagnostics will help you understand your system’s performance as it relates to a High Definition meeting with video, audio and screen sharing.  If problems are experienced, we highlight those areas in orange or red.  


• Orange indicates that there may be quality issues
• Red indicates that there most likely will be quality issues

If you’re using too much of your computer’s memory, you may need to add more RAM (Random Access Memory) to your computer.  Or, you can close open applications that may be consuming your computer’s memory to free up space for the OfficeSuite HD Meeting session.

If you do experience computer or Internet related issues, contact your helpdesk to work on remedies to overcome these performance bottlenecks.