Holiday Routing with Call Center Services-Contact Center

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The holidays are fast approaching!  Now is the perfect time to pre set your holiday routing and greetings.

Here are the steps to create Holiday routing and greetings in My OfficeSuite using Call Center Services - Contact Center. If you don’t have Call Center Services – Contact Center please reach out to your sales Representative for information and pricing.

First, Log into the MyOfficeSuite Portal, locate the Auto Attendant widget and Click Configure


 The following screen will appear.


Select Set Receptionist greeting. The following screen will appear.  You will have three options to choose from.  Upload an audio file, record an audio greeting or choose text to speech.

Record the holiday greeting. In this example the Holiday Auto Attendant is extension 714. You can have one or more holiday Auto Attendants or use on generic Auto Attendant. For more information about recording a new greeting click here.


Next, access your Contact Center account to establish Holiday Schedule under Resources, select Schedule, and then Holidays.


Now it’s time to set the holiday routing using the holiday schedule under the Conditional Routes tab:

In the case below, we used Extension 593 as the Conditional Route, with incoming calls directed to the 500 ACD Queue as the fall-through. Once calls pass through our established rules, on non-holidays, they will go to ACD 500.

: image

In setting up the Rule for the Conditional Routing, link the schedule and specify where the call should go when the queue is called on those dates. In this case, the call will be transferred to a Holiday Auto Attendant.  For this example it’s the 714 shown below that was created in the first step


Go back to the MyOfficeSuite portal and in Incoming Call Routing, point the DID to the established Conditional Route, in this case, Route 593.


Calling the DID that points to Conditional Route 593 on the specified dates, will send the calls to the newly recorded Holiday greeting.