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Common Error Codes and How to Resolve Them

WindstreamEnterpriseWindstreamEnterprise Administrator admin
edited October 2018 in General Info

If you are connecting OfficeSuite to the public internet you many encounter an error code. Here are the most common error codes and how to resolve them. 

Remember, we are always available to help! If you are unable to solve the problem on your own you can always reach out to our Support Team at 1-888-623-8647 for assistance.

Not a Valid Site
This error means one of two things; the phone has been configured with the incorrect teleworker configuration or the public IP address is incorrect. Click here for specific instructions.

TFTP Server Unavailable or Contacting TFTP Server or ICP Address
This message occurs when the customer’s firewall is blocking phone access to the internet. Check the firewall configuration to ensure that all traffic from the IP addresses is permitted. For a list of IP addresses and ports click here.

Waiting For ACK
This issue occurs when the phone can't locate the OfficeSuite server to download its configuration file. To resolve this issue, write down the 12 digit "MAC" address from the sticker on the back of the phone. Now login to MyOfficeSuite and select "Network Discovered Phones" under the Phone System - Phones menu. Locate the the phone by MAC address from the list under PHONE LABEL and click the "Force Out" button. Finally power cycle the phone by unplugging the network cable. When the phone power comes back on, if the issues is not resolved please open a ticket.

Bad LAN link
If your phone is displaying “Bad LAN Link” it is most likely an issue with power injector. Check the wiring to make sure that it is plugged into the phone and phone jack. For more tips click here.

DHCP Discovery
This error means that the router/firewall is not providing the private IP to the phone (s). If this occurs during the initial set up of the phones reach out to your IT administrator to have them provide the DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol). If the phones had been working but are now displaying the error code you will need to reboot your LAN equipment (firewall, router, switches). .  For general information about DHCP see our post in Community.

Option128 or 129 Missing
No need to factory reset your phone if you encounter this error message. It means your phone is getting an IP address but is not configured correctly. First you will have to confirm your SIL server. To find out what SIL your system used log into the MyOfficeSuite Portal. Simply click on ‘signed in as’ in the upper right hand corner and then Account Settings for the SIL information. Click here for more information.

TW License
Please open a ticket to have this issue resolved.

Network Busy
Please open a ticket to have this issue resolved.

Comm Error
Please open a ticket to have this issue resolved.

These are the most common error types our users might encounter. If you receive a different message please reach out to our Support Team at 1-888-623-8647.


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