What should I do when my phone displays “Option 128 Missing”?

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No need to factory reset your phone if you encounter this error message. It means your phone is getting an IP address but is not configured correctly.

 First you will have to confirm your SIL server. To find out what SIL your system is using log into the MyOfficeSuite Portal. Simply click on ‘signed in as’ and then select My Account Settings.


The following screen will appear with the SIL number.


Find the correct IP Address for the corresponding Sil number.

Teleworker Gateway IP Addresses
SIL 1 =
 SIL 2 =
 SIL 3 =
 SIL 4 =
 SIL 5 =
 SIL 6 =
 SIL 7 =
 SIL 8 =
 SIL 12 =
 SIL 13 =
 SIL 14 =
 SIL 15 =
 SIL 16 =
 SIL 17 =
 SIL 18 =
 SIL 19 =

• First, press down the 7 (PQRS) key. (Ignore any warnings about the LAN not being connected)
• When “CONFIG TELEWORKER?” displays, release the 7 key and press * for “Yes.”
• When “DELETE/NEW SETTING?” displays, press # for “New.”
• Select * for IPV4. The next screen displays “TELEWORKER GATEWAY:”
• Enter the Teleworker Gateway IP Address from the table above that corresponds to the SIL server number you located in the MyOfficeSuite Portal. 
• Use # to enter a “.” when needed.
• Use * to backspace when necessary.
• Press the down or up arrow when done.
• When “STORE CHANGES?” displays, press * for “Yes.”
• Wait for the phone to display “NVRAM SAVE COMPLETE.”

For Factory Reset and Set up of Office Suite Phones see our guides.

Click here to view our post with the most common error codes and their solutions.

Remember, we are always available to help! If you are unable to solve the problem on your own you can always reach out to our Support Team at 1800BROADVIEW for assistance.


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    I need to know what the IP Address for the SIL 9 server is so I have program it as TW address using 7 when booting phone.

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    Hi Alan, 

    SIL 9 is actually for internal use only. The available SIL addresses are already listed in the above post. 

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    Make sure you aren’t just holding down 7 on, an idle phone, as that will not work. You will need to unplug the phone, when you plug it back in, THEN hold down 7.  Hope that helps!  

  • Matt Ellsworth
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    What this actually means is that BVN didn't program the MAC address into the sil server properly and or setup the phone so that they would arrive Plug and Play as they advertise in their brochures.  50% of the phones arrive this way, get used to talking uses through holding down 7.
  • David Hulnick
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    What is the value for Sil 18?  The table stops at 17.  Thanks!
  • Matt Ellsworth
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    I'd gander that it's  - there seems to be 3 ip's per sil.  sil16 works with .20 .21 and .22