How do I setup and format my OfficeSuite UC for CRMs URL?

Anthony Olsen
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Setting up OfficeSuite UC for CRMs

To setup OfficeSuite UC for CRMs, first install the OfficeSuite UC for Chrome extension. Next in the Chrome browser, select the phone icon on the right hand side of the URL and enter your WE Connect credentials and select the Set Credentials button.


Next, check the Enable Call Notification Pop-Ups. Once checked, Pop-Up's Contacts Source will appear. From the drop down list, select Web Launcher

In the Web Launcher URL section, you can enter a dynamic URL, replacing any phone number in the URL with $tel$ and anytime the name of the contact is in the URL, replace it with $name$. 

Setting up your Web Launcher URL

Go to and select Reverse Phone. Search for a phone number in the text box and copy the URL. If you were to search for 555-123-4567, you will receive the following URL back:

Replace 1-555-1234567 in the URL with $tel$, paste it into the Web Launcher URL text box and select the Save button. Now for example, if you make a call from phone number 123-456-7890, the contact pop up would link to the following:
To make sure the pop ups are working properly, call your desk phone from another phone and click on the call pop up whenever it appears. This will link to search results for the incoming phone number. 

How to find your Web Launcher URL

Go to your web based CRM and search for a phone number from within the search contacts page. Once the results are returned, check the URL to see if it contains either a phone number or a contact's name. If so, copy the link and replace the phone number wiht $tel$ or the name with $name$. If not, select a contact record to see if the phone number is contained within the specific contact record's URL. 

If neither screen contains a phone number in the URL, it is recommended to ask your CRM provider if they offer a URL that contains the phone number or contact name from search results.