MyOfficeSuite: How do I view my personal Call History?

Each user’s real-time call history is displayed under “My Calls”. Sixty days of inbound and outbound call history in displayed in a tabular format with fields for date, time, To and From number, duration, and Account code (if any entered during the call). The data can be filtered by date range and exported in CSV format for analysis in Excel or another program.

To see your personal call history, log into MyOfficeSuite and select My Call History under the My Services tab.


Remember that as an administrator of the OfficeSuite® system, in addition to your own call history you also have a My Company Call History list which shows the entire company call history for every user of your organization with the same fields, filter and export capability.


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  • G Spivak
    edited March 2018
    The Office Suite Software shows the calling numbers, but not the Caller ID information.  When I scroll through the last 30 calls on my phone, I can see the caller ID information, but not in the Office Suite Software.  Is there any way to see the Caller ID information in the Office Suite Software?