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How Do I set up my Auto Attendant using the MyOfficeSuite Portal?

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If you're still using the Classic Portal, Auto Attendants must be recorded through an OfficeSuite phone and can not be uploaded. The OfficeSuite phone can not be forwarded to an outside number for this recording. If remote recordings are needed, softphones and teleworkers are available options.

For instructions for recording your Auto Attendant Message in the MyOfficeSuite Portal click here.

  • Visit the OfficeSuite customer service website:
  • Select Auto Attendant under Company Settings.
  • Select the Auto Attendant Menu you want to record.
  • Select "Record" for the menu or submenu you want to record.
  • The Record Prompt window will pop up (you may have to turn off pop-up blocker)
  • Enter the extension of the phone from which you will be recording the name
  • Click the "Call" button.
  • The Phone System will now call the selected extension.
  • When the phone rings, pick up the handset.
  • Listen to the instructions and wait for the tone.
  • Record the prompt.
  • Press the # key when you are finished.
  • Press 1 to replay, 2 to save, 3 to re-record, * to exit without saving.
  • Additional menus and sub-menus can be recorded/re-recoreded as often as needed.
  • Be sure to Save and Close once finished.
  • You should now see the word "Recorded" next to your Auto Attendant.
To learn more, watch these short videos or our post on how to to set up Auto Attendants:
  1. How to Create a New Auto Attendant
  2. How to personalize Auto Attendant Options
  3. How to Record Auto Attendant greetings
  4. How to Manage Auto Attendant Sub Menus

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