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How do I access my voicemail messages, both in and out of the office?

WindstreamEnterpriseWindstreamEnterprise Administrator admin
edited May 2018 in General Info

Here are all the ways you can get voicemail with OfficeSuite! If you have questions, download the Voicemail Instruction Guide.

From Your OfficeSuite Desk Phone

1. When you have a new message, the indicator light will glow.  

2. Press the image key and follow the steps.

Online via the Voicemail Portal

1. Go to

2. Login using your 10-digit OfficeSuite number and extension and PIN.

3. You can listen to, sort, delete, save and forward voicemail messages using this website.

Out of the Office

1. Call your OfficeSuite phone number

2. Press * during your voicemail greeting and follow the prompts.

Via the Free Voicemail App on Your iPhone or Android Smartphone

1. Download the free Voicemail app for iPhone and Android and follow the instructions.

As a Transcription via Email - Read Your Voicemail Messages!

1. Sign up for our free trial of the Voicemail Transcription service.

NOTE: You also get the recording of the voicemail emailed to you as an attachment that comes with the transcribed email.

Get the Recording as an Email Attachment

1. Go to the OfficeSuite website.

2. Select My Voicemail.

3. Select “Have voicemail emailed to you as an attachment.”

4. Click Save.

As a Notification via Text Message

1. Go to the OfficeSuite website.

2. Select My Voicemail.

3. Select “Send a notification to this email address.”

4. Enter the email address based on your mobile provider:

5. Click Save.

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